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Luxury Yacht Cruises make for a great family vacation.

About Us

Fine dinning, fun evenings, relax...Ten years ago, two British ex-pats, Mike and Pauline Eastoe set up a Company to provide visitors to Florida with the best value and highest quality rental homes in the State.

It all started during a wedding anniversary dinner in one of the very exclusive restaurants that are so numerous in Sarasota. They were enjoying a pre - dinner drink at the bar and Mike and Pauline's distinctive British accents attracted the attention of an American property owner who was just finishing his after dinner brandy. He tentatively approached them and asked if they could help him to rent some homes in the Summer months which in Florida is traditionally a a slow season. An appointment was made for the following week to discuss the matter further. The owner was delighted with Mike and Pauline’s marketing plan and said “O K, take it away”. Starting with just a handful of homes, Mr. Villa has added more locations and homes throughout the years to keep pace with the growing demand. The company now offers the widest selection of homes and resorts including Orlando with its Disney attractions as well as many beautiful beach resorts along 600 miles of the Gulf Coast. Mr. Villa can now provide you with virtually any type of home at a wide variety of prices in all of the best Florida resorts.

From their experience in vacation rental homes business owners Mike and Pauline have now extended their expertise into the luxury yacht cruise market. With so many requests from their existing clients Mike and Pauline decided to combine their high level of customer service with unique luxury yacht cruises.

SailawayCruising is fully licensed by the State of Florida under strict laws designed to protect you the customer. The company is also a member of the Travel Industry Association of America, a partner in the Visit Florida Program and a long-standing yacht that does not fit our exacting standards will not be included in our rental program. We provide you with one single source of luxury yacht rental throughout all the popular resorts in Florida with one location - our headquarters in Sarasota for all enquiries and reservations. We have intimate knowledge of all the yachts we offer so we can speedily and accurately answer any questions you might have.

'We work hard to give you the very best yacht cruises possible because we appreciate how hard you have worked to get it.' For more information Contact Us


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