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This could be you! Star Clippers Luxury CruisesDo you want a cruise or an adventure?

My wife’s birthday was a few weeks away and as usual I did not have a clue what she might want as birthday gift, so I took the easy way out and asked her.

“ I would like to go on cruise” she said which surprised me, as we had never been on a cruise before and I did not really think that it was our style.

Anyway I decided to research cruises on the Internet where I found some very useful sites including personal reviews of just about every cruise line and ship you could think of. They were the opinions - good and not so good -of people just like you and me who had actually traveled on the various cruise ships. I thought this was a great source of information and a terrific help in choosing a cruise. The trouble is that it just confirmed to me what I had already suspected that we were not the cruise types. Just about everything the reviewers said they had liked, I knew that we would hate. We are not interested in gambling, Las Vegas type extravaganza shows or midnight buffets. In particular we did not want to be locked up on a ship with 3,000 people most of whom we probably would not like.

My wife and I discussed this and decided to think of some other type of birthday celebration, but then I came across a review for the “ Star Clipper” line. Exclusive, small number of passengers, no gambling, no shows, but instead; friendly and interesting company, great food, fascinating ports of call away from the hordes and a wonderful relaxed mood on board a traditional sailing ship but with all the modern comforts. I knew right away that this was certainly for us and we were going on a cruise after all.

Our first cruise to the Windward Islands in the Caribbean was so fabulous that we booked another to the Grenadines a month later.

We were so enthralled with these lovely vacations that we decide to share them with the rest of the world through our web site.

You will find all the details in the following web pages and you can also book your cruise with us. Before you do you might want to speak to my wife, Pauline or me about our experiences on board. If you are anything like us you will love the Star Clippers experience. For more information Contact Us


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